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Here in Australia only, we can offer some amazing deals on all available stock of UNIMO recorders. There has never been a better time here in Australia to purchase a brand new UNIMO Digital Video Recorder, while stocks last. We cannot give any time limit on these sales, but we can tell you that once the stock have gone the sale will be over! Here at NAVCO CCTV we want to provide a product that is still of high value in your video surveillance requirements. The prices alone will be fantastic, but we will not reduce the value of our service to you. Please ring or email us today to find out what amazing deal we can provide you.

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UNIMO Customers......We have notice that the number of customer that are having problems with their iRAMS App with the new iOS11 have increased. So to answer your questions about this, we recommend the use of UCMS or UCMS PRO they are both a purchased APP but they both work great. The PRO version allows you to view, on your mobile device recorded images, something that the old iRAMS never did! I hope you find this information useful.